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Downloads Windows 32 Bit

Side note: Due to the Leap Motion technology used for the game, the project will unfortunately only run on windows computers at this time.


This page contains several versions of the game that you may download. Every listed version of the game is fully functional, however we recommend that you download the most recent version of it for the most enjoyable experience.

In order to play the game, you need to download the proper software for the Leap Motion, the device you will be using to play the game. This software can be found at this link:

Please press the "Download Orion Beta" button and follow the instructions listed on this pdf: Leap Motion Installer Instructions

Please note that the Atalantia game is not a replacement for a profession's recommendation, and should be played as recommended by a medical professional. It is suggested that the game be played in later stages of stroke rehabilitation as it requires some existing hand and arm mobility.

Current Release Notes

  • Fixes
    • the Lap timer on the Diving game Oval track was updated to include the best time when a lap is finished
    • Fixed the high scores of the Driving Game to update for each user
  • Features
    • We are creating new branch to the Atalantia Game Library!
    • This game will utilize a grabbing motion
    • The user will control an arcade claw machine to pick up objects and place them in a desired location

    User Manual